A Venezuelan in Stranger Things: the role that no longer goes unnoticed | TV and Show

A Venezuelan in Stranger Things: the role that no longer goes unnoticed | TV and Show
A Venezuelan in Stranger Things: the role that no longer goes unnoticed | TV and Show

The fourth season of the Duffer brothers’ series left fans breathless, waiting for a fifth installment. In Latin America, meanwhile, there is talk of the role of a Venezuelan in Stranger Things, something that generates the pride of his countrymen and the curiosity of the rest.

It is about a young man who does not actively publish through his social networks, about his brief but singular participation in one of the two extensive chapters that make up the recently released season.

His Instagram with few followers, at the moment, has nothing more than a couple of references about it, made in recent days.

Andrés Figueroa is an emerging figure in the entertainment world. He is a young actor who, in an appearance of only minutes, generated questions from an audience that does not miss a single detail of the acclaimed production.

Here, some data of the former working boy of Surfer Boy Pizzathe main dish of the protagonists of the fiction, not only for feeding them in one or another episode, but for supplying them with adventure, in search of answers in Hawkins.

@andresfigueroa1 / Instagram

A Venezuelan in Stranger Things: a young man who no longer goes unnoticed

When Eleven tried to make a mental connection with Maxine, she had to semi-submerge to do so.

Without wanting to spoiler, for those who do not reach that part of the fourth season, to Argyle, whose role is Edward Frankit occurs to him to use the resources of Surfer Boy Pizza and goes to one of its locations outside of California, where another of his colleagues was preparing the closing of the premises.

Until then, everyone did not know who the other boy in charge of the pizzeria was. However, his brief but hilarious participation opened the questions of many.

The Venezuelan in Stranger Things thus came out of anonymity, through one of his compatriots, the influencer and musician Cork Islandas quoted by the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal.

“I present to you Andres Figueroa. He came out in the last season of Stranger Things and is from Valencia, Venezuela”

Andrés Figueroa: the Valencian who came out of anonymity

Born in Valencia, State of Carabobo (central-north Venezuelan), this twentysomething lives in the United States, a country that offered him opportunities as an actor, but never like the one that today summons the press of his country and that of other nations, interested in knowing who is behind the secondary character of a few seconds, but with an impact among the Hispanic public.

The Instagram account of this young actor, @andresfigueroa1, gives an idea of ​​his evolution since his arrival in the United States, which is not clear, unlike the doors that are currently opening wide in his career.

It is also evident how he has grown in age, experiences and achievements, thanks to the images he shares for netizens.

“Would you basically quit your job for a joint? because I did it

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