Gabriel Boric reacts to appearance on The Tonight Show after Jimmy Fallon joke: “An honor” | TV and Show

Gabriel Boric reacts to appearance on The Tonight Show after Jimmy Fallon joke: “An honor” | TV and Show
Gabriel Boric reacts to appearance on The Tonight Show after Jimmy Fallon joke: “An honor” | TV and Show

The president humorously took the sketch of the American program where they mockingly described his pose in the presidential photo.

During the night of Wednesday, an excerpt from the episode of the American Talk-Show went viral The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonwhere the entertainer, Jimmy Fallon, joked with President Gabriel Boric after his appearance in the official photo.

Said mention in the program, where Fallon made fun of the presidents of Brazil, Portugal, South Korea, Finland and more, ended up unleashing the reaction on social networks where there were people who celebrated the mention in the popular program, as well as others who did not hide their criticism.

It was so the president himself shared his impression seeing the reaction of his compatriots.

“I found it funny and even an honor, look”wrote Gabriel Boric along with a series of emojis that appeared to be a ship’s captain.

Gabriel Boric’s appearance on The Tonight Show

It all happened when the animator Jimmy Fallon was doing a humorous monologue about the presidents who attended the UN assembly during the program. It was there when a photograph of the leaders appeared on the screen with humorous descriptions, laughing at each other’s poses.

Thus, among all, the president appeared in his official photograph.

“Here is the President of Chile”, Fallon began presenting when the image appeared along with a message that said: “He looks more like the president of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines”, unleashing laughter from the public by referencing a cruise chain.

After this he proceeded to imitate the pose made by Gabriel Boric in the photograph and emulating a side smile.

Is It is not the first time that Boric appears in a humor sketch of American programs. A few years ago, a video of a boy dressed as Superman spinning in circles on his bicycle while the President made a speech reached the screens of Last Week Tonight, a satirical news program.

The footage corresponds to the speech given by the President from Magallanes the day the draft of the new Constitution was voted on, which was finally rejected. Then host John Oliver showed the moment during the show. Last Week Tonight.

“A quick tip for any world leader: if you want people to focus on what you’re saying, try not to say it next to a bike ridden by a fun-sized Superman having the time of his life.”joked the comedian.

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