Leonor Varela described JLO as “distant and cold”

Leonor Varela described JLO as “distant and cold”
Leonor Varela described JLO as “distant and cold”

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Eleanor Varela he can boast of having an extremely prolific career. Not only has she excelled in all kinds of formats, from TV commercials and soap operas to major ‘hollywood’ movies, but she can also say that these productions have taken her to film around the globe.

Due to the undeniable talent of Eleanor Varela, his career has allowed him to rub shoulders with relevant figures from the world of cinema and acting. Among them, names like director Guillermo del Toro or actor Leonardo DiCaprio draw attention. However, her most remembered collaboration of hers is probably hers with Jennifer Lopez.

It was the year 2007 when the national actress was summoned to participate in the miniseries “How Loves a Woman”, inspired by the life of JLO. This was broadcast by Univisión and directed by the Mexican Antonio Serrano. For five episodes, the fiction followed Sofía, played by Varelaan artist who rose to fame overnight and had to deal with constant media coverage and her personal dramas

Thanks to this production, the interpreter He got to know Ben Affleck’s wife in the first person. A unique experience in her life that, 15 years later, was remembered by her in an interview in “But With Respect”. There, her anecdotes surprised many.

When Julio César Rodríguez consulted him about this memory, the protagonist of “Cleopatra” She described what she thought of the personality: “She is a professional, with a talent… she is an entrepreneur. Really, in many areas, with her beauty products, with her music, with everything she does, how she presents herself. but it is very rare“, started.

You look at her and she is not surrounded by childhood friends, she has no friendships in the middle… she is a distant person.

“I never had a warmth, a closeness of female friendship with her, which I have with a lot of other equally talented actresses”, he admitted. Later, he revealed other issues that made it difficult for him to play the singer: “It was strange, because I had to play her and like she never gave me the time to sit down and talk. So I had to do it quite alone,” she said. In this context, she confessed: “It was a strange project for me.”

“It was a little distant and cold,” he closed. Eleanor Varela about JLO. However, he clarified that he doesn’t think it’s towards her, but simply that she “was like that.” Definitely a bittersweet memory.

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