Fine print at the end of the Mobility Pass: they clarify in what circumstances it will continue to be required

“What happens to the Mobility Pass as of October 1? Is it not going to be required in any venue, venue or trip? Does it cease to be required for all events?

With these questions, the journalist Monserrat Álvarez consulted the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, about one of the announcements made by the Government in the framework of the update of the sanitary measures in the country.

In with you in the morningthe Secretary of State explained that, effectively, the Mobility Pass will no longer be requested in almost all circumstances… since it will be required for trips to island areas.


“To all events, except in the island territories. For example, in special territories such as Easter Island, which is in a different epidemiological situation from the continent, the same on Juan Fernández Island or in Antarctica, because they have been in a special situation,” the minister replied.

He also argued that “they have not been exposed, like the rest of us, to various infections with different strains and that they have been strengthening our immunity, so they are in a different phase. They are going to continue demanding a Mobility Pass to go to the island”.

The article is in Spanish

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