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This Friday, TVN said goodbye to the journalist Karen Doggenweiler who left the signal after more than 30 years. In these long years, the cheerleader has not only experienced events such as her professional practice, but she has also starred in different milestones on TV.

In addition to seeing different classic faces of the public signal leave, Doggenweiler saw different programs, experiences, controversies, festivals and much more come and go.

Doggenweiler, who was already a historical face, animated, for example, the Olumé Huaso Festival, the Talca Independence Festival, the Iquique Summer Festival, the Antofagasta Festival, among many other events televised by the signal.

Life in Whatever Happens

The cheerleader came to television in the late 1990s, gaining popularity on the morning show. Good morning to all. Her youth and relaxed attitude led her to animate Whatever Happens with Felipe Camiroaga.

There, both performed, together with Julián Elfenbein, different sketches to laugh and spend the afternoon. It was there that, for example, Washington and Miss “sita” Andrea, characters played by Camiroaga and Doggenweiler, were born.


Thus, there were also parodies of icons of the pop world such as Grease, Michael Jackson and more, in addition to their inevitable contests.

His characters were famous and continue to be part of the collective memory when remembering those years when, at tea time, the young animators laughed and joked nonstop.

foray into music

The program was so successful that it even had its own album, La banda del pasa lo que pasa. There, Doggenweiler and Camiroaga even ventured as singers.

On the internet there are still some videos remembering the songs that the program had.

The comings and goings to Good Morning Everyone

Although Doggenweiler was a constant face on TVN, she was not always linked to the morning show. The cheerleader was constantly driving back and forth. However, in 2016, she revealed her final departure.

So, he assured that he would leave the space aside to focus on other projects for the channel, looking for entertainment programs at other times.

Since then, he has only returned in 2020 and early 2022 to make replacements for short periods of time.

An appearance on Turkish television

Along with the boom in Turkish series, TVN was not far behind and wanted to bring production to Hercai. There, in order to promote the series, the state signal installed the swing used by the protagonist of the story in the patios of the channel.

However, Doggenweiler together with Gino Costa wanted to play with the installation to recreate one of the scenes from the production that has caused worldwide popularity.

It was precisely this that caught the attention of the Turkish press: “Hercai continues to gain international interest. The first channel to broadcast Hercai in Latin America, Chile’s TVN was influenced by the swing scene and created an atmosphere for the audience by setting up Reyyan’s swing in TVN’s courtyard,” the international press reported.


Then, the journalist commented that she was impressed. “Obviously we didn’t understand what they were saying, but when we saw what we had recorded, we understood that their newscast was talking about the success of Hercai in Chile and what two animators had done. We did the scene as a parody and in play, but they thought it was very well acted, ”she then shared.

The campaigns of Marco Enríquez-Ominami

Although Doggenweiler is known throughout the country for her work on television, everyone also knows her marriage to politician Marco Enríquez-Ominami.

This is why in almost all of her husband’s candidacies, the communicator usually moves away from television to be able to support her partner in political campaigns. However, in the last elections she decided to step aside and dedicate herself to her television career.

In this regard, the entertainer assured that “at this point everyone knows that my vote is for Marco, I am convinced that he is the best.”

“And I feel that campaigning is for the candidates, I feel that it is no longer for the candidate’s wife or partner,” he said then.

Between successes and programs to be forgotten

Just as the journalist made her name with a series of successes on the small screen, throughout these 30 years not everything has been rosy. During her last years as the cheerleader in Buenos Días a Todos she had to face the hardest drop in the signal’s rating.

Then, the morning show even scored 1 rating point per minute in its broadcast.

The crisis did not stop there, since it also suffered other crosses with stellar projects such as La Huincha or Lip Sync Chile.

While La Huincha consisted of a talent show that would lead to a presentation at the Olmué Huaso Festival and the 2020 Independence Festival, the other project dealt with a foreign format that was unsuccessful.

Although the original version of Lip Sync was sweeping social networks, the Chilean adaptation ended up being harshly criticized and ignored.

The departure of Felipe Camiroaga

In 2011, Doggenweiler faced tragedy. Those who were his companions in Good Morning Everyone, Roberto Bruce and Camiroaga, had been part of the Juan Fernández tragedy with the crash of the CASA 212 plane.

There, the cheerleader was present along with the person who was animating the morning at the time, Carola de Moras. Likewise, Raquel Argandoña, Claudia Conserva, Martín Cárcamo, Julio César Rodríguez, Jorge Hevia, Macarena Tondreau, Tonka Tomicic, Ricarte Soto and Jorge Zabaleta also arrived.

With this, all the television faces came together to pay tribute to the team that left this world.

Karen Doggenweiler and the accusation of alleged censorship

In May 2016, the red tide hit the south of the country hard. For this reason, Karen Doggenweiler visited the fishermen of the Pargua area, in the Los Lagos region, to show the situation in which they found themselves.

However, while interviewing a fisherwoman for Good Morning Everyone, he had a gesture that immediately caught the attention of viewers.

Marco Enríquez-Ominami’s wife listened to the woman’s words, but when she began to say that “President Bachelet must be removed”, to which the driver effusively hugs the woman, covering her mouth.

After the criticism that said scene left, Doggenweiler said: “here we do not censor anyone, everyone has the right to say what they want.”

Moment in which Karen Doggenweiler hugged the fisherwoman.
Capture TVN

Your contagion by COVID-19

Earlier this year, the cheerleader reported through Instagram that she was infected with covid-19, for which she was isolated in her home.

“Unfortunately, today I received the result of a PCR that I performed when I returned from recording in the south, which was positive,” he assured in the stories on the social network.

So, both she and Mauricio Pinilla were recording Zona de Encuentro on TVN, traveling to the south to record some episodes.

a drop in salary

However, one of the most recent milestones occurred this year when, on the morning Good Morning Everyone, Doggenweiler assured that she was “the entertainer who earns the least on TVN.”

In May 2016, the Infogate media reported that the then TVN morning entertainer had an approximate salary of 20 million pesos. However, after her departure from her morning show, her continuation on the channel would have meant a series of cuts in her salary.

In a conversation with Nataly Chilet in 2020, Doggenweiler mentioned that the decrease in earnings of the public channel meant a series of reduction in payments for each face of television.

“I lowered my salary when the TVN crisis began, in a private and intimate way, very consciously,” he commented in the online conversation, also pointing out that he had reduced it again then.

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