Patricia Maldonado confessed her complex health problem

Patricia Maldonado confessed her complex health problem
Patricia Maldonado confessed her complex health problem

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 11/23/2022 9:39 p.m.

Patricia Maldonado He usually talks a lot about other people’s lives, but not so much about his own. That is why in the last episode of her program on YouTube, “Las Indomables”, the fans of the opinionologist were surprised when she recounted a problem that had complicated her lately.

And it is that as detailed, Patricia Maldonado He suffers from hearing complications, so he decided to go to a specialist to see the possibilities he had to solve his problems.

Yesterday I went to do an ear exam, because you know that I have deafness problems in one ear. I’m doing all the tests to find out what it is“, said the panelist of “Tal Cual”.

Following her story, the so-called Damn assured that she received very good care, but that, nevertheless, the treatment she was offered is excessively expensive.

“They treated me very well wherever I went, they did a sound test to see how my ears are. I have a problem, a doctor has to see me as soon as possible,” said Catalina Pulido’s duo.

“They show me a little thing, you can’t see anything inside the ear, it was spectacular. I put the device on and it was spectacular. You hear everything, perfect, you can graduate it,” he later explained.

It was then that the communicator arrived at the complex part of her story; when he found out the price of the hearing aid in question. “The last thing that has been invented, worth three million 200 thousand pesos each hearing aid“, she expressed incredulous.

True to his style of humor, Patricia Maldonado He closed his story by saying that he rejected the option because of its high cost and that he told the doctor: “Bring me a bugle and put it in my eye circle better.”

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