The post that the Royal Family deleted after the death of the Queen

Prince Edward and Sophia of Wessex were shown planting a tree, but it looked like they were digging.

During this Thursday the death of the Queen isabel IIfact that has provoked cross-sectional sorrow in British society.

As a result of her death, various solemn and protocol acts have been initiated, due to the importance of the monarch in United Kingdom.

In this line, the social networks of the Royal family decided erase one of the last photos published on the official Instagram account.

AFP – Meghan Markle – Queen Elizabeth II

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In it was seen prince edward Already Sophia of Wessex planting a tree in the middle of a commemorative activity.

This was related to the commemoration of the Queen’s Golden Jubileebut It was published hours before the death of the monarch was confirmed.

The publication began to circulate through social networks, where the first official statement of the King Charles IIIthe confirmation of the death of the Queen Isabel and, on the right, the two members of the royal family planting the treebut it gave the idea that they were digging.

That’s why, it was decided to delete the post.

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