Israel declares a “diplomatic war” and pressure campaign against Booking | Economy

Israel declares a “diplomatic war” and pressure campaign against Booking | Economy
Israel declares a “diplomatic war” and pressure campaign against Booking | Economy

The company wants to issue alert notifications so that its customers are aware of “relevant local security considerations” in the West Bank if they plan to travel “to disputed, conflict-affected or high-risk areas.” This warning is the same one that the company uses for its list of accommodations in Ukraine.

Israel launch a campaign of diplomatic and political pressure against the tourist company Booking.

This, in order for it to reverse its plans to issue a security alert for its list of tourist accommodation in the occupied West Bank, which includes deals on Israeli settlements.

After the announcement of the measures planned by the company, the head of Israeli Tourism, Yoel Razvozov, decided to take steps to “exert political pressure” about booking.

The site offers on its website a list of tourist apartments in Palestinian towns and Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It is there where the tension and armed clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces have increased in recent months.

Israel believes that the company’s decision is “politics” and that the accommodations in the Jewish colonies are safe.

This is why he will “a diplomatic war” against to question their positions, Razvozov said these days, in a statement that his spokesman confirmed to Efe today.

“Labeling places of accommodation as a security risk is a sin against reality,” said the Israeli Tourism Minister.

Israel diplomatic war against Booking

This measure is “scandalous” and “we intend to use all the means at our disposal to reverse this situation,” added Razvozov, who has already sent a letter of complaint to the company.

“Visiting the area may be accompanied by increased security and human rights risk.” This, as well as “other risks for the local community and visitors”, Booking will warn in its notification on the West Bank, as reported by various media.

The question of the offer of tourist accommodation by multinational companies in Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory has been controversial for several years.

In 2019, Amnesty International (AI) denounced both Booking and other tourism companies such as Airbnb, Expedia and Tripadvisor.

The foregoing, for including Israeli settlements in their lists of rental offers and activities. He assured that this fed “human rights violations against Palestinians” and the Israeli occupation.

At the end of 2018, Airbnb decided to delist accommodations located in West Bank settlements.

Despite this, it did not extend this limit to the occupied eastern part of Jerusalem, where it has more than a hundred advertisements, which earned it criticism from AI.

According to the NGO, Booking has around fifty offers of homes and hotels in settlements in Palestinian territory. It is an area under Israeli occupation since 1967, a measure considered illegal by most of the international community.

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