The hysteria to get a Qatar 2022 album reaches Chile: the various reasons that explain the shortage of sheets in the world that have Panini on alert

The World Cup is there, just around the corner. There are less than two months left before the main sporting event on the planet begins, which will be held in Qatar. And, as much as the sentence of the FIFA Appeals Chamber for the Byron Castillo case has put the Asian country away from Chile, pending what the CAS rules, The interest in closely following the tournament that will bring together the 32 best teams in the world is growing. An example is the phenomenon that has unleashed the album that contains the figures of the national teams.

In the newsstands it is difficult to find the sheets. Obtaining them has become a real adventure for collectors. Not only in Chile. In Argentina, for example, the government met with Panini, the company that publishes the registry. He did it precisely to try to speed up the production of the figures that in the case of the trans-Andean country have added value: everyone is struggling to get that of Lionel Messi, the main star of the team led by his namesake Scaloni.

But, Why is it so hard to find prints for the World Cup album? The answer is delivered by Rodrigo Vallecillos, general manager of Panini in Chile. “There are sheets, but we are in a transition process. It is producing less than demand. They will begin to arrive from Brazil. In this World Cup, unlike the one in Russia, in the first month of sale the entire previous World Cup was completed. Not only the countries classified, but in all. Chile is no stranger to the experience of Argentina or Colombia. Demand far exceeds forecast. There was no way to determine. The reference rate is the previous World Cups. And, clearly, it was overwhelmed”, affirms the senior executive.

There are several factors that explain the scarcity of films perceived by consumers. “Raw material has been scarcer in the post-pandemic period. It was more difficult to get it. The factory is working 24/7 to produce for the market. There is one in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which supplies the entire western hemisphere, from Mexico to the south. Today, in Chile, the pace of sales is the same as in Brazil 2014, with the Golden Generation in the world Cup. We are supplying by installments. The speed of consumption has been totally out of the norm, super successful”, says Vallecillos. Panini’s parent company is based in Modena, Italy.

Collecting has been growing in times of pandemic, without a doubt. In the case of the World Cup, it also has to do with the connection of the event. The album has always been the first product associated with the World Cup. It was already requested after the playoff. There was a strong, superior interest”, estimates the executive.

Messi’s sheet is one of the most desired (Photo: Reuters)

Currently, all the company’s efforts are focused on production related to Qatar 2022. Meanwhile, at the same time, it tries to understand the phenomenon. “There is an issue that we have been monitoring. Until before this World Cup, 5 percent of album consumers were women. Today it is of the order of 20 percent. There is an additional public that is adding to the consumption. We are monitoring that at different points of sale, ”she details.

There is another figure that portrays the target audience. “98 percent of football album consumers are over the age of 18. There is a theme of nostalgia and man’s inherence in collecting things. The album allows socializing: exchanging, participating in networks, collaborating. All this leads to a community that is very much enjoyed in this segment, ”she exposes.

Apart from the World Cup itself, there is another milestone that explains the explosive demand. “There are different theories: it’s the last World Cup Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo, so the record is searched. Or Messi’s golden sticker. But it also happens thatIt is the first post-pandemic event. Change the date, the level of contact that people have. The main thing, that does have to do with keeping the memory of Messi and Ronaldo, two players who have marked an era”, Values ​​Vallecillos.

Collectors have four album options available: one hard cover, one soft cover, and finally one silver and one gold. In Chile, the hard covers sold out in two weeks. The most basic costs three thousand pesos and each envelope of sheets, $750. The publisher’s website publishes a pack that contains the silver version and 150 envelopes for $122 thousand. The Gold version, with 200 packs, costs $159,500. “All countries receive all four editions. Each country makes an estimate of the volume and they are sent. We decided to bring all the possibilities. We are looking at bringing a new batch of hardcover albums in October”, explains Vallecillos. The album is the same in 90 percent of the countries. The nuances go through a slight difference in the number of sheets, which responds to market differentiation. “In Brazil, Mexico and Chile the album is the same”, emphasizes Vallecillos.

The foil envelopes of the Qatar World Cup album (Photo: Reuters)

On Friday, in Zurich, Chile’s World Cup aspirations received a new blow. For the second time, in the legal instances of FIFA, the attempt to qualify for the highest football event through administrative channels failed. For the producers of the World Cup album, the situation was also under control.

“Byron Castillo did not delay the album. He starts working long before. If Ecuador had been sanctioned and Chile had had to enter, what would have been done is an update. A pastern that is incorporated. The original album would have gone with Ecuador and then the update would have come out”, explains Vallecillos. “If it had happened, it would have been a milestone. In all World Cups there is a figure who is injured, someone who gets off or gets on at the last minute. All of that happens. It is different to change an entire team. Or take someone else out. that’s harder”, he concludes. By the way, the appeal that Chile will present to the CAS keeps that scenario open.

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